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Open up the Wandmaker's Notebook...

Welcome to the Wandmaker's Notebook!

My name is Maranda and I make Harry Potter-style wands under the label Praeclarus Wands. This blog is where I share my thoughts about wandmaking, post tutorials, talk about Wizarding World news, and other cool stuff.

I hope you'll come with me on this journey!

See you on the next page!


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Evolution of wand designs in the Harry Potter universe

Wand design is a key part of the Wizarding World's visual worldbuilding, from the redesigns in  Prisoner of Azkaban to the 1920s wands of Fantastic Beasts . On this page of the Wandmaker's Notebook, we'll look at how the wands have evolved over time, and explore the role artists and prop makers play in this evolution.

Wand Design Guidelines: 11 tips to help you design the perfect wand

Thinking about designing your own wand? On this page of the notebook I've compiled 11 tips to help you create the perfect design.

Interactive wands from WWoHP aren't original designs, but HYBRIDS of character wands!

When the interactive, park-exclusive wands for Universal Studios: Wizarding World of Harry Potter were revealed, did you get a feeling that they looked familiar? If so, you're absolutely right! Each interactive wand is actually a combination of existing character wands.